“Our philosophy is to connect the bridge between inner and outer beauty”

Ideal beauty can take on different shapes and forms in different parts of the world. Asian beauty is defined by rigorous and strict skincare routines in order to maintain an ageless, near-perfect look. The fantastic beauty products used in the Far East should be available for consumers all over the world, so our mission is to elevate the western skincare standard through natural, harm-free, cruelty-free, truly outstanding products hand-picked not only from Korea but from all over Asia. We value the use of naturally sourced, non-harsh ingredients for our formulations, as we believe outer beauty starts from the inside. Our vision is to connect the bridge between inner and outer beauty.


At Symphony Beauty we believe that when a customer picks up a K-beauty product, they should feel an instant connection with it, as if the product had been made specifically for them. It should be easy to understand the directions, functions and benefits of every item; regardless of their ability to understand Korean. Beauty should be cruelty-free, based in nature and wallet-friendly, but without compromising quality.

We are the bridge that connects the general market with hidden K-Beauty gems to create a seamless purchasing experience. We scour the Korean beauty market for products that we consider to be diamonds-in-the-rough – natural, healthy and on-trend items of the highest quality that have the potential to improve on the US market. As a manufacturer, distributor, sub-assembly, and OEM, we carefully hand-pick authentic Korean beauty brands that share similar values and philosophy as us. Being a globally trusted private label skincare company, we redesign, repackage, and enhance formulas to introduce K-Beauty products that are simply perfect for the US customer.

We offer clients a careful selection of both our own and curated K-Beauty products, which are united by shared values of nature, quality ingredients and being harsh-chemical and cruelty free. It is our mission to create healthy products that are easily accessible, reliable and understandable for all. Our vision is to branch out beyond Korea and bring international beauty from around the globe to the US so that customers can experience products from all over the world without having to use passports.


Symphony Beauty was founded in 2015 by former US Marine James Jo. Yes, you read that right, US Marine. Although it may seem like an atypical career path for a Marine, after fighting for his country overseas, James returned home and landed a job at a cosmetics company. He was able to channel the tenacity and discipline of the military into his work and soon developed a passion for the fast-paced industry.

After gaining more than 10 years of experience, James founded Symphony Beauty, one of the first US-based K-Beauty brands, by combining his Korean heritage and knowledge of K-Beauty with his experience in the Western beauty market. Dedicated to his wife, who was pregnant at the time, the brand was created to provide her and all beauty lovers with natural, safe and affordable skincare.

Since its founding, Symphony Beauty has expanded its brand partnerships globally by differentiating with high-quality ingredients and inimitable packaging. By redeveloping and reimagining hand-picked K-Beauty brands, by focusing on unique designs and customer-driven needs, Symphony Beauty has quickly risen to become one of the most reliable K-Beauty brands in the US. Also, Symphony Beauty launched Purifect, its second brand, as it focuses on natural and results-driven formulas. Supported by a team of individuals who are passionate about skincare and the beauty industry, Symphony Beauty works as the bridge that connects K-Beauty to the US.